When our second daughter was two months old we opened a coffee shop in beautiful Ruby Bay, roasting and selling our own coffee. We started supplying to local retail outlets. The supply business grew but the shop closed due to a new highway bypass opening up nearby.

Enter The grind Coffee Roaster at the Tasman store! A busy general store was the perfect place to set up our express bar and roastery. During this time we had our third daughter.

Increased demand for our coffee blend meant that we were able to branch out from the store and set up a roastery on our home block.

The rest as they say is history!

How it all began…

Over a decade ago, Lance was a spray painter by trade, but also a keen coffee connoisseur. Lance started out by teaching himself barista skills. Once these were honed to perfection he built himself a coffee cart and started attending events. This was not enough so the ‘snail’ coffee van was born…

Still not enough to satisfy the coffee cravings, Lance bought a small 500gram roaster and taught himself how to roast coffee. Still not enough a 2.5kg roaster was commissioned. The coffee had taken off! Awards were won at the 2011,2012,2014 New Zealand Coffee Awards.

Still not enough, the latest addition to the family is a specifically designed 6kg beast of a roaster. We love it!